If you stay alive for no other reason do it for spite
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Chinese girls playing sap ma.’

Probably circa 1920s

(It looks as if their feet have been bound).

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So i went to the Monif C Sample sale and scored this Sao Paulo Top for $10. I normally wear a bra under my Bikini tops and get the same hold. But im just wearing this top. and there was no strain on my kneck that i have with all my other tops. I dont know why i havent invested in this before.  But im going back tomorrow and buying all that are in my size.

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i hate when people complain about how technology is “ruining everything.” i have over 200 pictures of my dog on my phone and i can send them to my friends when they are sad. how is that ruining anything. why do you hate happiness


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It’s about what it’s about, and its between who it’s between, so as long as it does what it does, then ima make it do what it do.
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“A lot of people just look and see skin color. I’ve actually had people ask me was I Black or was I White first. A White gentleman came up to me and said ‘I thought you might be White, but then I saw your lips.’ One girl said to me ‘I’ve been wanting to ask you this question, but I didn’t feel comfortable asking you because I thought that you might be offended, but are you Black or are you White?’ And I was just like, ‘Well, I’m always Black.’ When we were done with the meat of the conversation, she laughed and said something about my hair and my butt gave it away. People definitely let you know that they view being Black as being very literal – the amount of pigment you have. ‘Your skin is White, therefore you’re White. Or are you?’

— Sembene McFarland

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Jenny Schecter was a mess. There’s no denying it. The writing for her character was so outlandishly inconsistent that you never knew which incarnation you were going to get from one season to the next. She was a duplicitous megalomaniac whose self-indulgent, self-destructive antics knew no boundary. But you know what? So is Don Draper. So was Walter White. So was Dexter and Jack Bauer and Greg House and Tony Soprano. But they’re dudes, so that makes them interesting. Jenny Schecter is a lady, so her deal makes her a cunt. […]

I hadn’t realized it the first time I watched: how righteous her fury really was, how deeply neglected were the wounds of her childhood (one of the show’s many enormous failures was never getting Jenny into therapy), how terrified she was of her own potential for creating chaos, and all the million ways she begged and pleaded and cried out for compassion.

—from “Schecter 3:16 (Or How Jenny Schecter Saved My Life)” by Heather Hogan, 20 January 2012, for autostraddle

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jsyk, only 2.9% of the population in Canada is black, and yet black Canadians makes 80% of prisons and are mostly likely to get mistreated in them

tell me again racism doesn’t exist Canada. (: 

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